Return & Refund Policy

      Return & Refund Policy

  • Buyer is responsible for all-return postage and shipping charges (Please do not complain or negotiate on this).

  • If You are not satisfy with the product than you can contact us within 3 days of the receipt of the product for return.

  • Return Shipment Charges will be paid by the customer only.

  • Full refund including shipping charges will be given if the item is not dispatched by us in 12 days. Refund will be given directly by Payment Gateway Company , and will indicate in your original mode of payment. 
  • But if buyer denied to accept the packet from courior boy or not deliverd due to door closed or due to non communication or any other reason whatsoever on which the courior company is not responsible and the packet returned than we will refund the money excluding the shipping charges plus Credit Card and Repacking cost @15% of order value.
  • If products are unavailable in stock we will return full payment to the buyer.
  • Buyer wouldn’t be liable for a refund if the item that is returned shows improper use, improper handling or physical damage; missing manuals, parts and accessories. The item will be returned back to the buyer.

  •  Please Contact manufacturere service centre for any services related issues.