Mobile Phone Holder for Charging - Set of 3 Pcs

Mobile Phone Holder for Charging - Set of 3 Pcs

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ntroducing, A mobile holder which solves a very common problem faced by innumerous mobile phone users i.e. not finding a right place to keep their mobile while charging it in homes, offices, hotels, trains etc.

How many times have we dropped our cell phones because of an entangled charger cord? We just never seem to have the time to place our phones securely. Not only that, the entangled cord makes the room look quite messy and unorganized. But here is a product that will not only make your room look organized but also force you to keep your phone in place. It reduce the tangles of the charger cord while holding your phone safely. With such a neat looking holder you will never keep your phone anywhere else!

  • Save your Device from Falling and Scratches.
  • Light weight & ultra compact travel charging base for avid travelers.
  • Hassle Free Charging, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Now you just need a plug point and you can charge your mobile without hassles.
  • Size: Base 10 cms x 7 cms, Height 10 cms (Approx)

Your Mobile Phone can Relax Finally.

  • Now No More Hanging phones
  • No More putting Phones on Top of Chargers


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