Clamp Meter To Measure Voltage Amps

Clamp Meter To Measure Voltage Amps

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Clamp Meter To Measure Voltage Amps


Digital Clamp Meter To Measure Voltage Amps Resistance

Ac current -  0.1A to 1000A

Ac Voltage - 1V to 750V

Dc voltage -  1V to 1000V

Resistance - 100MQ to 20KQ

Continuity Test -  50+25Q with audio tone

The meter display is a liquid crystal assembly providing a readably display in all light conditions.

The decimal point is automatically positioned, and the polarity sign

(minus) is lighted for negative DC measurement (plus is under stood if no sign appears) so that the display is direct reading in units selected at the rotary switch.

Over range measurements are indicates by blanking all but the MSD decimal point, and polarity sign (if negative).

In addition the display includes a low battery is indication.

If low battery is indicated operator should replace the used battery with a new one.

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