Portable-Foldable Stove

Portable-Foldable Stove

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  • No need of LPG, Electricity, Kerosene, Wood etc.
  • Uses only small fuel tablets which are provided along with the stove.
  • Ideal for Picnics, Traveling, Camping, Hostels, Hospitals etc to make food hot or to make tea, coffee & boil milk
  • A Portable, Foldable, Noiseless Compact Stove

How to use Portable Stove / Instructions:

1) Open the Portable Stove, Take Out the Cube & Keep it on a Platform.
2) Hold a matchstick at the corner of the cube for a few seconds.
3) Use portable Stove as you use your Regular stove or gas.
4) After use of portable stove to put it off. cover cube with steel lid.

Free- 2pcs of Cubes with this Stove

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