Multipurpose Non-Slip Travel-Picnic-Yoga Mat

Multipurpose Non-Slip Travel-Picnic-Yoga Mat

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The new Sticky Mat is an innovative mat, designed for performance, longevity, and comfort.

  • Can be used at Home / Office/ While Traveling / Picnics etc.
  • Lightweight and washable, mats Roll easily for travel.
  • Can be used for Yoga, Dining, Resting, Sitting, Exercise, Gymnastics,  etc
  • Soft, Non-Slippery, Sticky Mat holds firm on the floor to give you that extra comfort and soft feeling.
  • Its surface resists slipping when wet from perspiration, its firmness resists bunching and remains flat even when practicing on carpet or with sticky feet.
  • The Yoga "Sticky" Mat is a necessary tool for any yoga workout.
  • A regular yoga practice requires a suitable surface underneath the body to allow for the poses to be done with correct form.
  • Yoga mats help to cushion and prevent body weight from hurting the bones of the area on which you are balancing.
  • Mats also keep hands and feet from slipping on a hard floor.
  • Thickness: 4 mm. (approx)
  • Dimension: 68 inches x 24 inches approx
  • Foldable, Light weight, Easy to Carry - Easy to Store
  • Perfect mattress for outings or picnics

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